Thank you for your interest in Montgomery Community College! We are glad that you have chosen MCC as you pursue your educational goals.


All applicants are now required to complete documentation of the North Carolina Residency Determination Service (RDS). RDS is the single authority for determining residency classification for college tuition purposes. Click here for more information about residency and RDS. Students classified as Resident (In-state) by RDS will pay the current in-state rate of $76 per credit hour. Those classified as Non-Resident (Out-of-state) will pay the current out-of-state rate of $268 per credit hour.

Your residency determination must be complete before moving on to the online college admission (CFNC) application. Please make note of your Residency Certification Number (RCN) because it will be needed for your online MCC application in step two. You will use the same username and password for both the RDS and CFNC process. 

For more information about the North Carolina residency determination service go to or call 844-319-3640.


Your Residency Certification Number (RCN) will be required to submit your application, so be sure you have completed Step 1 before beginning your application.

Applications without a social security number: Applications submitted without a Social Security Number require additional processing. If you choose not to disclose your SSN, processing of your application will be delayed. In addition, you should be aware that for some purposes (for example tuition tax credit documents such as 1098T and federal financial aid), social security numbers are required.

Students who are not seeking a degree, diploma or certificate from MCC should indicate Special Credit as their program of study.

Changing your program of study: Please do not attempt to change your current program of study by submitting or resubmitting an online application. Current or returning students who wish to change their programs of study should visit or contact the Admissions Office at 910-898-9600 or at

Once you submit your application, you will be able to set up your MCC Self-Service and student Trailmail accounts within 4-5 days. Once your application is processed, our Enrollment Office will contact you within 10 days concerning your acceptance status.